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AllSky6 AllSky Serie - for professionals and advanced amateurs

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The AllSky6 kits contain:

  • One Mini Computer with Celeron Processor Quad core*
  • 6x Sony Starvis IMX290 Camera Board
  • 6x IR Cut Filter and CS Lens Mount
  • 6x 4mm f1/2 camera lens
  • Custom PCB Boards to provide power and network to the Camera Module
  • Wiring Package – All Wires Included
  • 6x Camera mounts and hardware
  • Power supplies for computer and camera module
  • Camera Enclosure and Domes

* Not included in some kits. You can use your own computer to operate the device. This computer needs to be only used for this task. Minimum requirements: 2.0 GHz / 4core / 8GB RAM / 64GB SSD WIFI / Linux with OpenCV, FFMpeg and Python. All our source files are available on GitHub.

Fully Assembled Turn Key Kits

Fully Assembled Turn Key Kits are ready to go. You only have to setup your network connection to start Fireballs hunting.

DIY Kits

DIY Kits need to be manually assembled.

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